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What Alpine Can Do For You

Alpine Abatement Associates, Inc will perform extreme measures in order for us to thoroughly sanitize and decontaminate your home. Here at Alpine Abatement, we will follow the hazmat protocol to ensure you of a safe cleanup and disinfecting service. Additionally, our disinfecting services controls odor-causing bacteria and inactivates viruses.

Understanding COVID-19

According to the CDC, COVID-19 can be transmitted through respiratory droplets as well as surfaces contaminated with the virus. The virus can remain on surfaces for hours to days. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is best to practice full measures in disinfecting all surfaces of your home or business in the NW U.S.


What can I do if my home or business is exposed?

Contact the biohazard and super cleaning experts at Alpine Abatement Associates, Inc to do a full cleaning and disinfection of your home. Ensure that you are wearing gloves when cleaning and wash your hands throughout the day. Create good hand hygiene by keeping your hands away from your skin, eyes, nose, and mouth. Learn more about cleaning and disinfecting and COVID-19 here.



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