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Asbestos Testing and Inspection (AHERA/EPA)

Certified asbestos inspection and accurate testing for hazardous contamination

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If your property is an older construction, particularly if it is from the 1970’s or before, and you plan on remodeling, demolishing, deconstructing, or adding new construction, it's essential to have professionals inspect the property for asbestos. This preliminary process involves our certified asbestos experts throughly inspecting the property for possible sites of contamination. These sites will later be sampled for asbestos if contamination is possible. Because even the smallest amount poses a health risk, asbestos testing and abatement are highly regulated. Alpine is an accredited asbestos inspector and contractor, meaning we can evaluate and test for contamination and conduct abatement services to remove the materials safely. We conduct all of our services according to regulations from:




Asbestos is an exceptionally complex contaminant to handle. Not only is asbestos extremely hazardous to be exposed to, but fibers are invisible to the naked eye. Because of this, samples of suspected asbestos contaminated materials must be taken for offsite lab analysis to determine if any is present. The sampling process is extremely delicate work. Inspectors wear protective gear, section off the suspected source area from the rest of the property, and turn off and ventilation to reduce fiber spread all before actually taking a sample. To take a sample, the material is often gently misted to reduce the likelihood of dry fibers entering the air. Once a sample is taken, it is expertly packaged and label for analysis in a lab.


Because asbestos fibers are so small, it is nearly impossible to determine the presence of contamination in materials on the inspection site. Samples must be carefully retrieved and sent to a lab for testing. Once at the lab the provided sample will be analyzed with various tools to determine the presence of asbestos. One way in which a determination can be reached is through microscopic analysis, where the minuscule asbestos fibers can be seen. However, there are several ways in which asbestos can be tested for as the samples recieved may be anything from building materials to water and soil. Just as the sampling methods for these different sources may differ, their testing and analysis can differ as well. Finally, if asbestos is detected in the samples then certified asbestos abatement contractors must treat the problem by removing all contaminated materials from the property. Here at Alpine we are certified to perform asbestos inspection and testing as well as abatement service, making your life a whole lot easier.

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